Landing page Design for Doctor Finder Website

Completion Time:

10 days

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Client Feedback:

Thank you, AR Shakir, for creating a beautiful Webflow website. My website has become an effective online medical staff finding tool. The best thing of this AR Shakir has the quick delivery and response to the clients. I suggest you all hire AR Shakir for website development service.

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The Problem

Client was facing an issue with the look and feel of the website. The website was outdated and was not matching the modern trends which was causing low coversion rates. Client was spending thousands of dollars in digital marketing and traffic was coming to their website but conversion rate was very low.

The Process

First of all, I had a call with the client to understand and find the real problem and why they want a redesign of website. After the call, I did some research on competitors and I created a couple of rough drafts for the homepage. Another call with client was held to discuss these rough drafts and they choose one of the drafts with some changes. Once I had a clear understanding of strucutre of the page, then I designed it properly in figma and bulit a proper style guide. The design was submitted to client for final feedback and after couple of small feedbacks, the design was approved. After approval of design, I started working on the implementation of figma in Webflow. Because design was approved already so Webflow implementation took just a couple of days. 

The Solution

After understanding the problem that client was facing, I knew that the first thing that I need to do is to create a very modern landing page which matches their audiance demographic. I used very modern design approach to create this landing page and I recommened that they should use webflow instead of wordpress because it was faster in load time, better of SEO and easy to manage. After only one month of new design, there was 7.5% increase in the conversion rate.

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