Travel Agency Landing Page - Freebie

Download this freebie travel agency landing page for adobe xd and figma for free. 180+ free landing pages and dashboards available for figma and adobe xd.

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Travel Agency Landing Page - Freebie

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Here comes a modern freebie for Travel Agency Landing page for Adobe XD and Figma. This can be used as a Travel  Agency Landing page for personal or commerical projects without any attribution. Feel free to use this free Modern and Latest Travel landing page for your practice project or for learning ui design. This modern and free landing page for Travel is available for Figma and Adobe XD. You can use this free Travel agency landing page for project idea for your college project and for learning purpose. Feel free to download this freebie Landing Page for Adobe XD and Figma. If you like this freebie of Travel Agency Landing Page for Adobe XD and Figma, please share this on twitter and facebook.

The sections in this freebie landing page for adobe xd and figma includes:

  1. Top Nav
  2. Our Services
  3. Top Destinations
  4. Testimonials
  5. Featured Companies
  6. Call To Action
  7. Footer

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This figma and Adobe Travel landing page freebie is available for free. You can download this Travel Agency landing page for Adobe XD as well. The attached zip file for this free travel landing page includes both Adobe XD and Figma Files.

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